Philippines in 30 Days During Wet Season // Itinerary

When we came up with the “crazy” idea to travel the world, our first step was to make a list of countries we had to visit. The Philippines was number one on that list! Not only for their exquisite beaches but because Mark was born in Manila and had not returned since the age of 2 so we knew we had to cover a lot of ground while we were there. 

We were only allotted 30 days in the Philippines, which consists of over 7,000 islands, so to say we were a little overwhelming is an understatement. And to top it off, we were there just in time for the wet season so we were nervous about getting rained out of everything, which thankfully only happened once. 

Below you will see a (detailed) 30 Day itinerary along with what we paid for most accommodations and activities. I have linked our YouTube videos if you'd like to see what it's like to sleep in the middle of the ocean and have a crab sneak up on you, or how incredible it is to swim with whale sharks, and/or how we split our time traveling through Palawan by bus. 

As always, comment below with any questions or send us a chat! 

TOTAL PH PESO $97,894; TOTAL USD $1,962
(50 PHP ~ $1USD)



03:00 Arrived to Manila International Airport and "slept" in terminal

09:00 Early check-in to our Airbnb (880 PHP/ $18 USD per night)

16:30 walked to Robinsons Mall to meet Mark's family for the first time.


Morning: Edit YouTube Videos

18:00 - Dinner with Mark's family at Cabalen


14:00 Walked to Manila Ocean Park

14:30 Intramuros Tricycle tour (100 PHP)

14:45 Visit The Gardens (75 PHP/person)

15:20 San Augustin Church Museum (100PHP/person)

16:00 Dinner across street, not worth mentioning




14:00 Quezon city circle. Met with Marks family one last time. Uber was 500PHP/$10USD round trip (1-hour drive w/ traffic)


9:30 - Manila to Puerto Princesa. Including 20k luggage (8,223 PHP/$164.70 USD)

11:00 - Early check-in into our Airbnb - Awesome wifi and included breakfast (1200PHP/$24USD per night)

14:00 - Attempted to get the underground river set up but ended up going with a tour company - Iconquer PH Travel (1700PHP/$34USD per person)

Saturday, June 3, SABANG, PALAWAN

7:30 Underground river pickup to Sabang


11:00 zipline (550PHP/$11USD per person)

12:00 lunch (included in tour)

13:20 Underground river tour begins

15:00 Drove home

18:00 Watched sunset at the harbor bay walk

19:00 Dinner at the bay - street food




13:00 Bus from San Jose Terminal to Port Barton (100PHP for tricycle + 300PHP each)

17:00 Check in: Miguel's, private room (500 PHP/ $10USD per night) - No AC and no power between 00:00 - 17:00

18:00 walked the beach for sunset 

20:00 Ate at local restaurant on the beach. not worth recommending

Tuesday, June 6, PORT BARTON

port barton

10:00 Island hopping with Miguel's brother - totally worth it! (700PHP/$14USD per person)

14:00 back to room, shower, edit

20:30 Dinner with friends

Wednesday, June 7, PORT BARTON > EL NIDO

13:00 Bus to Port Barton (400PHP/$8USD per person). Regularly 500PHP/$10USD but we had a group of 7 people so we got a discount. Tip: Make friends and negotiate!

17:00 Checked-in - Bnky, included breakfast (1200PHP/$28 USD per night)

18:20 Best pizza at Trattoria Altrové (no wifi, cash only)

Thursday, June 8, EL NIDO

09:00 Tour A - private boat with 7 people through 45 Islands Travel and Tours (1200PHP/$28 USD per person)

18:20 Drinks with the gang

El nido island hopping

19:30 Pizza at Altrovee


Friday, June 9, El Nido

Pouring rain = edit

13:00 Lunch at Artcafe (decent wifi)

22:00 Pizza at Altrové (no wifi)

Saturday, June 10, El Nido

09:00 Tried to do tour C but it was cancelled because of weather

14:00 Bought slow ferry tickets at Sonny Sails for 1100 PHP / $22USD each

14:30 Lunch at Artcafe for their wifi

18:00 Dinner at Altrové

Sunday, June 11, EL NIDO > CORON

08:30 Ferry didn't leave on time

15:04 Arrived to Coron

15:30 Check in Luis Bay (600PHP/ $12 USD per night, private room, no ac)

16:30 Ate at Lolo Nonoy's - Delicious Filipino food!

18:30 Coffee for the WiFi

19:00 Purchased scuba Sanho Dive Center (3500PHP/$70USD per person)

Monday, June 12

14:00 Scubba

15:30 Coffee and edits

19:30 Dinner at Altrové

21:00 Purchase Escape Tour (1400PHP/$28USD per person)

Tuesday, June 13

09:00 Escape Tour

18:00 Watched sunset at the pier

lake kayangan viewpointFINAL 1.jpg

19:00 Dinner at Kawayanan Restaurant (little far but happy hour 2 for 1 beers after 9pm)

Wednesday, June 14, CORON > CEBU

13:00 Van to Caron Airport from Luis Bay Hostel (300 PHP)

16:30 - Flight to Cebu City (6,345 PHP/ $127 USD)

18:30 - Arrived to Cebu City

20:00 Check into G&B Hostel (750PHP / $15USD per night)

20:30 Ate street food across the street from hostel

Thursday, June 15, CEBU

15:00 Lunch at CnT Lechon

17:00 Toh Temple (Free)

20:00 Best Western Hotel to meet with friends 


12:00 Uber from hostel to catch ferry to Bohol

13:30 Ferry to Bohol (410PHP/$8USD + 25/$.50 terminal fee per person)


15:00 Arrived in Bohol

15:10 Van for 300PHP/$6USD to our hostel. Be sure to negotiate. Tell them you want to go to Coco Farm for 300 and you'll find someone to accept.

16:00 Check in Bohol Coco Farm (800PHP/$16USD night, including breakfast or 350 per person)

16:30 Lunch at hostel (they have delicious mango smoothies)

18:00 Sunset at White Beach

Saturday, June 17, BOHOL

10:00 Delicious breakfast included

10:45 Motorbike around island (500PHP/$10USD for 24 hours)

11:30 Python Sanctuary (45PHP each)

12:40 Twin Bridges (20PHP each)

13:20 Man-made forest (free)

14:45 Tarsier Sanctuary (60PHP each)

16:00 Chocolate hills (50PHP each)

18:30 Played basketball with locals

20:30 Dinner at a random bar

Sunday, June 18 BOHOL

15:00 Cliff jumping + motorbike rental (30PHP + 400PHP)

18:00 Sunset at sunset beach

19:30 Snacks at 7Eleven

Monday, June 19, BOHOL > DUMAGUETE

10:00 Tricycle pick up for ferry to Dumaguete

12:00 Ferry to Dumaguete (500PHP/ $10USD + 20PHP terminal fee per person)

14:00 Check into Flying Fish Hostel

16:00 Walked to city center (far walk)

Tuesday, June 20, DUMAGUETE > MANJUYOD

07:00 Bus to Manjuyod from the corner street, not the bus terminal (70PHP/ $2USD total)

09:00 Arrived to the Tourism Office in Manjuyod to pay (4000PHP/$80USD per night - includes transportation to and from)

09:15 Tricycle to local market to get food (should have done that before)

11:10 Made it to the bungalow on the water

Watch our Manjuyod Experience

Wednesday, June 21, MANJUYOD > OSLOB

04:45 Sunrise

07:30 Ate sea urchins

08:50 Boat picked us up

10:00 Bus back to Flying Fish Hostel to pick up our big backpacks

12:00 Tricycle to Sibulan Port Terminal

12:30 Only a 20 minute ferry to a bus that will drop you off in front of Sharky Hostel

14:00 Check in Sharky 600php / $12USD

14:10 Bus to ATM in Santander (next town south)

20:00 Dinner next door

Thursday, June 22, OSLOB> MOALBOAL

04:45 Wake up

06:00 In water with the whale sharks (Watch us swim with Whale Sharks)

07:00 Shower and breakfast

09:30 Sumilon Island/ Sandbar (Don't bother if it's not in season)

12:00 Back to the hostel

16:30 Bus to Moalboal (174PHP/ $3.50USD total + 60PHP tricycle to hostel)

18:40 Arrived to Moalboal

18:55 Check in to Le Village (600php/$12USD per night)

19:30 Dinner at Le Village

Friday, June 23, MOALBOAL

Kawasan Falls.JPG

08: Breakfast and rent scooter

10:00 Arrived to Kawasan Falls (40php per person)

17:30 Walked to ChiliBar and watched sunset. Mark swam with sardines

18:00 Tried Tuba for first time

Saturday, June 24, MOALBOAL > CEBU

11:00 Cockfight

12:00 edit videos

18:30 Bus to Cebu City (250PHP/$5USD total)

21:00 Bus arrived to terminal (last stop)

21:00 Hung out at 7 eleven and had "dinner"

24:00 Arrived to airport

Sunday, June 25, CEBU > BORACAY

05:00 Flight to Boracay (5,629 PHP/ $113 USD) 

06:05 Arrived in Boracay

0:10 Picked up bags, walked to tricycles (50PHP) and pay for ferry 25 PHP per person

plus an environment and terminal fee (75+100PHP per person)

07:00 Tricycle from Boracay Pier to Station 2

07:30 Check in - 1000PHP/20USD per night

07:40 Walked the beaches 

14:00 Laid out and walked Iligan beach

19:30 Tried Jollybees for the first time 

20:30 Jeepney for halo-halo

Monday, June 26, BORACAY

Scheduled to do a private tour but mark was sick. Lost 500 PHP

Tuesday, June 27 // KALIBO > SINGAPORE

06:30 Checkout

07:00 Met with coordinator to get to the airport. We were being lazy. You can easily do this yourself and save money.

09:00 Arrived to Kalibo Airport

13:00 Flight from Kalibo to Singapore, Cebu Pacific Air, including 20k luggage 14,274PHP/ $285USD

14:30 Layover in Manila

15:20 Went to SM Mall and ate at Cabalen ($5 Uber ride)

20:00 Flight to Singapore


TOTAL USD $1,962