We're Mark and Amanda; two strangers who's paths crossed while living in New York City. What started out as friendship, blossomed into a love story. On October 3, 2016 we walked away from our careers in NYC and started the adventure of a lifetime. The next day we flew to Los Angeles and were engaged on October 5th. 2 weeks later, we left the United States and landed in Cartagena, Colombia. 14 months have passed and we're still traveling. We've seen and experienced more than we could ever imagine! Life is great, and we're thankful every day for this opportunity. After all, we're just an average couple - there's nothing extremely rare or special about us, and we're far from being rich. Our hope is that we can inspire you to live the life you want because it's short. Live it.



"I didn't want to fall in love, not at all... but at some point you smiled, and holy shit, I blew it!"

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Born and raised in Southern California, Amanda grew up in the suburbs and moved to the big apple at the age of 24.

While attending Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona, she competed in a fitness bikini competition, and later joined the San Diego Professional Female Football team.

After graduating with a double major in Marketing Management and International Business, she worked in LA for a year before she quit her job to move 3000 miles away, to a city filled with opportunities. There she found her love for recruiting, crossfit, and that "country boy", Mark. 

If you want something, go get it. Period. Help others without expecting anything in return. Get out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid to fail. Sometimes you have to do the things you hate to get the things you love, so make the best of it because life is too short to be anything but happy.

And don't forget to floss and wear sunblock! Xoxo 


Philippines born, New York raised. Mark was a "country boy" from northern NY that made his way to the big city lights of NYC before setting off on a trip around the world.

After serving 9 years in the U.S. Army, Mark graduated from SUNY Downstate Medical Center with a doctorate in Physical Therapy. Having more hobbies than time, he's always working on a project - attempting to deadlift 500 lbs, editing videos and photos, and finding new books to read from Tim Ferriss podcasts. 

The "Tao" of Mark: Life, it's short. You've got to make the most out of your time here. Spend it doing things you love with people you enjoy. Take some risks, do some shit that you're scared of, learn a skill you enjoy, and ALWAYS move forward. Success is relative, so
never stop striving for whatever it is that success means to you... in the process, don't be a dick. Cheers!